Euthenia Investments is growing into a group, creating Euthenia Asset Management, a UK based investment management firm to be regulated by the FCA and SEC and two hedge funds to serve American and International clients.

Euthenia Investments will invest and grow its research and proprietary trading



Here, you can find the future job openings and get updated about when you can apply.

At Euthenia Investments, we value equality and fairness as primordial for our success.

Two teams conduct our recruitment process; the first is in charge of removing identification details and formatting the application into a specific format allowing zero discrimination for the second team considering your application and making decisions.

We value equality and give everyone a fair chance to be considered only based on experience, skills, and potential. *

A diverse workforce is crucial to our success and creativity; we want to show to the financial industry that talents from all horizons, backgrounds, social environments and education levels can realize outstanding achievements together.

*Financial regulations mandate a certain level of education and experience for some positions.

Euthenia Investments

Proprietary trading 2 Currencies and IR Senior trader
2 Commodities trader (Futures – Derivatives)
2 Derivatives trader (Indexes – Volatility) 1 Portfolio Analyst (PM)
Management 1 Head of Trading
1 Head of Risk Management
1 Head of Operations
Research & Strategy 2 Quant Analyst
1 Data Analyst
2 Research Analyst
Risk Management 1 Quantitative Risk Analyst
1 Risk and Control Analyst
1 Data Analyst
Administration 1 Senior Finance Manager
1 Administrative Assistant

Euthenia Asset Management

Investment & trading 2 Currencies and IR Senior trader
2 Derivatives trader (Credit – Options)
2 Derivatives trader (Indexes – Volatility)
1 Commodities trader (Futures – Derivatives)
3 Portfolio Analyst (PM)
1 Global Macro Strategist
1 Currencies Senior trader
1 Derivatives trader (Indexes)
1 Commodities trader (Futures – Derivatives
Investment Operations 1 Investment Operations Manager
1 Investment Operations Analyst
1 Investment Operations Analyst
Research & Strategy 1 Junior Quant
4 Quant analyst
2 Data Analyst
4 Research Analysts
Risk Management & Compliance 1 Quantitative Risk Analyst
1 Enterprise & Op Risk Analyst
1 Compliance Specialist – General
1 Compliance Specialist – Markets
Administration, HR and Infrastructures 1 Senior Administrative Assistant
1 Accounts Analyst
1 IT Service Analyst
1 Senior Finance Officer
Management 1 Chief Risk Officer
1 Senior Compliance Officer

Euthenia Group Holding

Administration & HR 1 Senior Administrator
1 HR Administrator
1 Finance Assistant
1 Business analyst
1 IT Manager
2 HR Manager
2 HR Recruiter
Management 1 Chief Operation Officer
1 Group Senior Finance Manager
1 Chief Strategy Officer
1 Deputy Chief Executive Officer

When these positions will be opened, you will be able to apply here.